Special Thanks

We can hardly believe it’s over! Thank you so much for making our celebration truly special. We’re so fortunate to have been surrounded by all your love and friendship those days, and we hope you had a fantastic time. In the days following, many of you have shared some great stories about your favorite moments and reached out to us for some more information on how we put this all together. The truth is we have so many people to thank that we thought it would be great to share this with you all right here.

Wedding & Event Production
  • Penny Layne Creative
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  • We've known this creative powerhouse for over two decades. Layne's entire team was incredibly skillful and collaborative in helping us make every event just as magical as we had hoped. Her team was always open, kind, and mindful on how to realize our vision for the week. Thank you SO much!

  • Max & Friends
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  • Max Wanger and his wife, Margaux's, eyes for capturing color and whimsy in beautiful yet unexpected settings is what attracted us to their work. When we met for our engagement shoot, we were anxious, but their calm and warm personalities helped us relax and then we saw the photos! We couldn't be happier with how they came out and can't wait to see how the wedding photos come out!

  • Long Stem Disco
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  • Rachel and team helped elevate and bring the decor to life with her gorgeous floral designs. Thank you, Rachel!

  • RedShoe LA
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  • Soo aka "Jamous Fames" of RedShoe made the sounds of the evening just as incredible as the sights. We thank you for your care and compassion in helping translate our vows and Mitch's speech so everyone could appreciate the moment, and for helping make every moment have the perfect soundtrack. We had so much fun working with you!

Food & Beverage
  • Très LA Group
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  • We're still salivating over all the delicious food and beverages this team put together! 🤤 Thank you to the entire team for making each bite and sip with equal amounts of love and delight.

  • littleBULL Productions
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  • Michael of littleBULL helped realize Casey's designs into many of the stunning physical signs and menus you all got experience. We are soooo thankful for your help in helping make every detail truly come to life on paper and for the many late night E-mails around sizing, style, and more!


We know many of you loved the music from the day, so here are some links to relive all the tunes.

Ceremony Music

In addition to the playlists below, Jessica's gorgeous piano arrangements and performances are available to download.
We want to thank Casey's cousin Brett Fuchs for helping take these recordings and mixing them to make them sound incredible. Thank you, Brett!

Cocktail Hour
The Dance Floor


Your Love, Laughter, and company is all we wanted on our special day. However, if you would like to honor us with a gift, we are registered at Zola.

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